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IMG_8381Benefits of the Montessori Kindergarten Program

  • Multi-age environment provides the kindergarten students with abundant opportunities to develop leadership skills and responsibilityIMG_5716
  • Individual learning takes place within the environment – Montessori recognizes that each child learns at a different pace and allows that growth to take place
  • Student-Teacher ratio of 8:1 allows for ample individualized instruction
  • During the students third year in the Montessori program, learning is transitioned from concrete to abstract (i.e. the child uses the very familiar materials that were introduced in past years, but in advanced ways geared for primary-school level curricula)
  • Hands-On Learning: Direct, personal hands-on contact with either real things under study or with concrete models that bring abstract concepts to life, allow children to learn with much deeper understanding
  • Self-Directed learning – children are driven by their desire to become independent and competent beings in the world to learn new things and master new skills
  • Self-Correcting Lessons – children detect errors without a teacher’s feedback and develop a habit of working toward mastery and precision
  • Opportunities to work with materials and lessons that would not be taught until later years in the traditional school system (i.e. multiplication board, parts of speech (verbs, nouns, adjectives)
  • Intrinsic Motivation to Learn – children learn because they are interested, not to earn grades or for external rewards