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Parent Testimonials

“Every parent wants the very best for their child. Who wouldn’t? That is what we have with North Kildonan Montessori. It is by far the best environment for early childhood that I could ever imagine. NKM offers a diverse program including outdoor education, investigative science, music, math, language (reading and writing), and of course the amazing Montessori programs like sensorial and practical life (still my daughter’s favourite). Their space is warm, inviting and well organized for children.
The teachers at North Kildonan Montessori are warm, caring and they nurture a love of learning, curiosity and confidence. This is no easy task, yet the wonderful teachers at NKM do this every day. My child LOVES attending, and we have been fortunate enough to have started at age 2 ½ and will be ending our time with my child completing the kindergarten program with great success. In the beginning, Ms. Murissa created a loving, caring environment that helped my child get settled and to feel welcome and supported. She is simply spectacular!
As an elementary teacher, I know what is important for young children to acquire in order to have a strong start in mainstream education. As a parent and educator, I was amazed and beyond impressed to see my child blossom into a fantastic learner, and read fluently with comprehension well beyond what is “the norm” for kindergarten students in school. In fact, she has a deeper, more profound understanding of math and spelling, and how language is put together to communicate in written and spoken form. She writes stories and notes all the time at home because of her strong foundation at NKM, and she is reading at least a full grade level ahead of her peers. Ms. Biannete creates a rich academic environment that is fun while focusing on the strengths of the individual child. She knows how to differentiate for them, and how to challenge their learning without overwhelming them. She is an amazing early years teacher! How lucky we are to have had her expertise! The best thing we ever did was to keep our child in the kindergarten program at NKM! It has surpassed our expectations.
We thank our lucky stars that we stumbled upon NKM three years ago. I like to think we were led there, and I am grateful to the teachers at NKM for their love, kindness and eagerness to create a stimulating, academic, caring environment that builds capacity in children. Our child will be forever positively impacted by her remarkable start at NKM!” – Morris Family
“Our son loves his time at NK Montessori. In the short time he’s been attending (7 months) at only two mornings a week, we have seen such an improvement in his speech, writing and listening skills. He has become much more independent doing many things on his own (i.e., take off his shoes/jacket, hang up clothes) and is eager to help around the home (i.e., help wash dishes and learning to cook and bake). He loves his teachers and looks forward to giving them big hugs upon arrival. As parents, we have enjoyed participating in field trips and attending special celebrations including the wonderful Christmas concert put on by the teachers. NK Montessori is a warm and inviting environment because of the teachers. After our first visit, we knew this was the school we wanted our son to begin his life-long journey of learning. Thank you for making such a wonderful impact on our son’s early-years learning experience. He really loves his time at Montessori.” – Froese Family
“Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done! Your staff has been incredible. Our son is a real pro at singing O Canada now, amongst many other awesome things he’s learned at NKM. Your staff are such talented teachers with a real gift in connecting with little ones. We will really miss seeing you. Thanks again for everything!” – Chapman Family
“Our daughter had such a great time at Montessori and always spoke fondly of her teachers and friends. My husband and I felt very comfortable with her there, knowing she was in a great environment. I have and will continue to recommend NK Montessori.” – Block Family
“Wow the school monthly videos are a nice way to start my day! Thanks so much for sharing! Our son sure loves his new school.” – Mohr Family